Pituitary and skull base surgery

The endonasal, endoscopic approach (EEA) to the pituitary gland and skull base provides a modern minimally invasive way to remove tumours that would otherwise require either a large cranial opening and brain retraction or disfiguring facial scars. Instead, an endoscope is advanced through the natural opening in the face, namely the nasal cavity.

The most common tumour to be removed using this technique is from the pituitary gland, however a variety of tumors in the roof of the nose or skull base can be removed in this fashion. Since the anterior skull base comprises a number of intricate structures such as the pituitary gland, the optic nerves and the carotid arteries, a multidisciplinary approach to the management of diseases in this area is often desirable.

Mr. Ahmed may therefore involve, a Neurosurgeon, Endocrinologist, Neuro-opthalmologist and an Interventional Neuroradiologist to achieve the highest possible surgical outcomes.